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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How can I get information about my support payments?

A.  Payment information is available 24/7 when you login to your case information or call the automated phone system at 701-328-5440 or 1-800-231-4255.  When you login to your case you can sign up to receive text message and email notices when there is a payment on your case.  You must have an authorization code to access information online or when calling.  Each option has a different authorization code.  Easy to follow instructions on the website and phone will help you get authorization codes.   

The information on the website and phone system is the most current information available. It is the same information available to customer service representatives.

Q. Can I have my support payments deposited directly into my checking or savings account?

A. Yes.  Support payments can be deposited directly into your checking or saving account, or you may choose to have support payments sent to a smiONE® Visa® account.

Q. I haven't received a payment for many months. Can the support payments get taken out of the paycheck of the parent who owes support?

A. Most cases are subject to income withholding. This means that an income withholding order is sent to the employer of the parent who owes support when employment information is known.  If you have a case open for Full Services with Child Support and know where the parent who owes support is working, please provide that information to your caseworker. If your case isn't open for full services, you may apply for services or report the employment information to the Income Withholding Issuance Center.

Q. How does the pay cycle of the parent who pays support affect the timing and amount of my support payments?

A.  Employers are not required to adjust their pay cycles to match support orders.  Employers may keep their pay cycle and adjust the amount they withhold each pay cycle.
Example: the support obligation is $100 per month, which equals $1,200 per year.

Pay cycle

Amount withheld each pay date


 Once a month


$1,200 per year divided by 12 pay periods in a year = $100.00

Twice a month


$1,200 divided by 24 pay periods in a year = $50.00

*Every other week


$1,200 divided by 26 pay periods in a year = $46.16

**Every week


$1,200 divided by 52 pay periods in a year = $23.08

*Every other week – most months have 2 pay dates. In months with 2 pay dates, the amount collected will be less than the full monthly amount due. Twice a year there will be 3 pay dates in one month. In the months with 3 pay dates, the amount collected will be more than the amount due. Over a 6-month period the amount collected will equal the amount due.

**Every week – most months have 4 weekly pay dates. In months with 4 pay dates, the amount collected will be less than the full monthly amount due. Four times a year there are 5 pay dates in the month. In months with 5 pay dates, the amount collected will be more than the amount due. Over a 3-month period the amount collected will equal the amount due.

Q. Who can help me if the parent who owes support is not paying as ordered?

A. In cases receiving Full Services many enforcement tools are available to help collect payments including:

  • Taking tax refunds and lottery winnings
  • Reporting unpaid balances to credit bureaus
  • Denying passports
  • Freezing and taking certain property
  • Suspending licenses

Apply for Full Services:

Q. How do I know when the support obligation ends?

A. To find out when the support obligation ends, review your court order. If you have questions about your support order, contact the court that issued the order.

Q. Who do I contact to change my name or address?

  • Login to your case information
  • Email to:
  • Fax to: (701) 328-6575
  • Mail to: Child Support, PO Box 7190, Bismarck, ND 58507-7190

Q. Can I get the support amount changed?

A.  A  review of the support amount is a service provided in cases receiving Full Services.   A review can be done every 18 months at the request of either parent.  The Child Support Guidelines are used to calculate the support amount. The Amend/Review Child Support forms, created by the Supreme Court can be used for parents representing themselves, or a private attorney can be hired to take on the action.

Q. Does Child Support take the tax refund of the parent who owes support if the parent is behind with support payments?

A.  Child Support submits the name of the parent who owes support and is behind with support payments for tax refund intercept on cases receiving Full Services from Child Support. The case is submitted for tax refund intercept when certain criteria are met. The IRS and the State Tax Department keep taxpayer information confidential so Child Support doesn't have any information about tax refund intercept until the funds are received at Child Support.

If taxes are filed jointly and one of the tax filers doesn't owe back child support, that person may claim his or her portion of the tax refund by filing an Injured Spouse Allocation (IRS form 8379). The Injured Spouse Allocation should be filed with the IRS for the federal refund and the State Disbursement Unit for the state refund. Federal tax refund intercepts are first applied to past-due support owed to the state and then to past-due support owing to the family according to law.