Child Support's Lawyers

Child Support's lawyers assist in securing child support, but lawyers do not represent either party in a legal action.

In cases receiving child support services, the State of North Dakota is a real party in interest. Status as a real party in interest arises when:

  • An individual party signs up for services;
  • The household in which the child is living begins to receive public assistance, resulting in a referral to Child Support;
  • A child support agency in another state requests assistance under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

Child Support has staff attorneys located throughout the state who assist in securing support. These staff attorneys represent Child Support, not the individual parties and are a good resource when there are questions about Child Support’s services and procedures.

List of IV‑D Attorneys by Location (City and Judicial District(s))

Attorney Name

Location (City/Judicial District(s))

Email Address

Paulette Oberst

Bismarck central office

Beth Dittus

Bismarck central office




Sheila Keller

Bismarck field office/South Central

Steve Podoll

Bismarck field office/South Central and Southwest

Cody Ostdahl-Hedge

Bismarck field office/South Central

Tyler Erickson

Bismarck field office/South Central




Jamie Goulet

Minot field office/Northwest

Tina Heinrich

Minot field office/North Central and Northeast


Courtney Evenson

Devils Lake field office/Northeast and Turtle Mountain tribal court

Vincent Knuth


Devils Lake field office/Northeast

(pending licensure in Spirit Lake tribal court)


Sarah Cannon

Grand Forks field office/Northeast Central and Northeast

Ethan Sonterre

Grand Forks field office/Northeast Central and Northeast




Adair Boening

Fargo field office/East Central and Southeast

Janet Naumann

Fargo field office/East Central and Southeast

Justin Breitwieser

Fargo field office/East Central and Southeast

Chris Jung

Fargo field office/East Central and Southeast




Cynthia Schaar

Jamestown field office/Southeast

Updated 5/6/20