Way2Go® Mastercard®​

The Way2Go® Mastercard® is a prepaid debit card that you use to access your support payments.  The card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.  Only you have information about the balance on your card and how you spend your money. You will automatically receive a Way2Go Card if you are not enrolled in direct deposit.


  • Login to your case information, go to Payment Options, and select Electronic Payment Card (EPC).
  • Contact Child Support and request a Way2Go Card.

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Features of the Way2Go Card

  • Use the Way2Go Card mobile app, GoProgram.com, to get your available balance.
  • Get cash back with purchases.
  • Use your Way2Go Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted - to make purchases, pay at the pump, and to pay your bills.
  • The card can be replaced if lost or stolen. 
  • For additional information about the Way2Go Card visit www.GoProgram.com or call 1-844-893-3118.


Q.  What is the Way2Go Card?

A.  Mastercard® debit card that you use to access your support payments. 

Q.  How does it work?

A.  An account is set up for you with Comerica Bank.  Child Support sends your support payments electronically to this account and you use your Way2Go Card to access the funds.   It takes approximately 2 business days after Child Support processes a payment for the funds to reach your account.

Q.  What else do I need to know?

A.   The Way2Go Card gives you access to your own money.  It gives you the power and convenience of Mastercard - the Way2Go Card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted and can be used at any ATM that accepts Mastercard.  The amount you spend is subtracted from the balance on your card.  Information about your Way2Go Card is strictly confidential.  Child Support deposits payments to your account, but only you have access to information about how your money is used. You may change your payment method to direct deposit at any time when you Login to your case information or by submitting the Direct Deposit Enrollment and Authorization form and voided check or deposit slip to Child Support.